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Manifesting 101 for Entrepreneurs & The Heart-Over-Hustle Method

The Heart-Over-Hustle Business Method: Manifesting for Entrepreneurs | Krista Dickson | Business | Manifesting | Self-Care

Two years ago, I was Queen of the Hustle.

My business was still new and fresh and exciting, and I was willing to do whatever it took to be successful. I was committed to working the long hours, spending weekends in my office, and sacrificing anything I had to in order to make sure I never had to go back to a regular 9-5 job again.

Can you relate?

Chances are, you embarked on this crazy entrepreneurial journey because you loved thinking about all the freedom that comes with it: Setting your own hours, working from wherever, picking and choosing your clients.

But think about how you actually function in your business today. Are you really enjoying that freedom?

Because I sure wasn’t.

Within just a few months of starting my business, I’d stopped seeing all of my friends and family, completely given up on going to the gym, and fallen hard and fast into my first period of burnout.

The long hours, the endless social media scrolling, the neverending inbox-checking — it finally took its toll on me. I was exhausted deep down in my bones, yet I couldn’t sleep. All I wanted was a nice, long vacation from my business, but for some reason, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I was like an obsessed zombie.

When I finally began to recover from my burnout, the only thing I knew was that I never wanted to feel like that again.

So over the next few months, I began exploring, learning, and implementing new techniques and strategies to grow my business. Slowly but surely (we’re talking months here, not days), I created a new way of working that felt more aligned, more soulful, and that involved way less “hustle” than what I’d previously been doing.

Besides the fact that this new way of working felt healthier, more centered, and more in line with how I wanted to live my life, it worked.

I started making more money than ever before, attracting new customers felt as easy as snapping my fingers, and clients were literally coming out of the woodwork and asking if they could hire me.

Sure, there were times when I slipped up. I would occasionally fall back into my old habits and suddenly catch myself checking emails on a weekend or skipping the gym five days in a row. My first dance with burnout certainly wasn’t my last.

But over time, I got better. I put systems and boundaries in place to help grow my business completely hustle-free. And today, I want to introduce this hustle-free business method to you.

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s tired of…

  • Feeling overwhelmed and burnt out in your business
  • Working yourself to the bone and not having a lot to show for it
  • Feeling anxious not knowing where your next “paycheck” will come from

…This hustle-free mentality will not only change your business for the better, but your life, too.

Manifesting for Entrepreneurs: How to Attract More Clients, Customers, & Abundance

When you consciously work with energy, you can attract anything you want into your life, whether that’s more money, more clients, or even just an extra hour per day to spend with your husband. Anything is possible.

Here’s what you need to know to work with energy and implement the heart-over-hustle business method so you can start manifesting your dream life and business today.

1. The universe is made up of energy.

At a subatomic level, every particle of every thing around you is vibrating, and that vibration is energy. Everything on planet earth is also surrounded by a field of light, which is energy.

This means that money is energy. Your business is energy. Clients are energy. YOU are energy.

Specifically, your body is always emitting an electromagnetic frequency. Your brain’s neurons are firing, creating an electrical charge, and your heart is emitting a magnetic frequency. Together, these create your personal electromagnetic frequency, which changes depending on the quality of your thoughts & intentions (brain) and your emotions (heart).

2. You can work with energy to attract things to you.

According to the Law of Attraction, as popularized by Abraham Hicks, “That which is like unto itself, is drawn.” This means that similar things, people, concepts, and experiences are drawn together, like paper clips to an industrial-sized magnet.

And it’s all based on their energy. Similar vibrational frequencies are drawn together, as if by magic. High, fast vibrations attract things that also have a high, fast vibration. Low, slow vibrations attract other low, slow vibrations.

3. Your intentions and emotions create your personal vibration and determine what you attract.

Because your thoughts and emotions determine your electromagnetic frequency, they are also responsible for the things you manifest into your life.

Each emotion you experience creates a different vibrational output. Positive emotions like love, joy, and gratitude result in your heart emitting a higher magnetic frequency. Lower, “survival-based” emotions like fear, anger, and greed result in a lower, slower frequency. The same goes for your thoughts and intentions.

To attract high-vibrational things, people, and experiences into your life (money, clients, relationships — anything that you desire), you need to focus on experiencing those positive, high-vibe emotions as often as possible.

Emotions are the key to successful manifestation. It’s not enough to just think about something that you want over and over again; you need to think about the item, visualize yourself already having the item, and then feel the emotions you would feel if you had it in your possession.

Keep in mind that this works the opposite way, too. Constantly thinking negative thoughts or always focusing on your current lack of resources only serves to draw more of those negative thoughts, feelings, and experiences into your life.

To recap:

Your thoughts and emotions determine your personal vibration, and your personal vibration determines the things you attract into your life.

Want more clients? Act, think, and feel as if you already have those clients. Experience the positive emotions you’d feel if you already had them.

Want more freedom in your business? Find little ways to experience and enjoy a sense of freedom now, without waiting. Feel the positive emotions associated with that freedom and soon, you’ll have all the freedom you’ve been dreaming of.

Now, this might seem a little bit fluffy — just think positive thoughts and focus on feeling good and I’m set? How do I actually do that? – which is why I’ve put together a free manifesting guide to help you out. It’s called, 7 Steps to Manifest Anything and you can download it by clicking the image below.

Inside this guide, you’ll work through my 7-step manifestation method to elevate your emotions, raise your personal vibration, and manifest the clients, customers, and abundance you desire.

Download the free Manifestation Playbook and learn my 7-step method for manifesting more clients, customers, abundance, and anything else your pretty little heart desires. Manifesting, business, manifestation, manifest, money, meditate.

The steps in this playbook will help you take practical action towards materializing the things, people, and experiences you’ve been dreaming of. No hustle, 16-hour work days, or mental breakdowns required. 😉

Do you have any questions about the Law of Attraction or manifestation? Leave them below! I’d also love to hear about your experience with the “hustle” mentality in your business. Have you been working with that mindset up until this point? How has it served you so far?



The Heart-Over-Hustle Business Method: Manifesting for Entrepreneurs | Krista Dickson | Business | Manifesting | Self-Care

- Krista

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