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8 Spirituality & Mindset Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

My Top 8 Spirituality & Mindset Books for Entrepreneurs. Love a bit of woo in your life? Ready to grow your business with energy and alignment over force and hustle? Then you'll want to pick up these books ASAP! | Krista Dickson | Spirituality | Books | Reading | Mindset | Money | Manifestation | #litpicks

Ahhh, books. I feel like I’m always talking about them over on my Instagram but just in case you missed the memo, I’m a hardcore #bibliophile. Growing up, there was rarely a day when I didn’t retreat to my room after school and while away the hours with my nose buried in a much-loved paperback.

Around the age of 23, I made the transition from fiction into my new favorite genre: Personal development. That was around the time that I read Adventures For Your Soul by Shannon Kaiser, which was my first foray into the world of personal development (and also the book that ignited my since-insatiable thirst for all things personal growth and spirituality).

If you devour books like I do, I hope you’ll find some new books in my list below that you want to pick up and dive into next. And of course, I’m ALWAYS looking for an excuse to visit the bookstore, so I’d love for you to share your favorite books with me in a comment below!

My Favorite Books & Must-Reads for Entrepreneurs

Here are my top eight lit-picks, in no particular order!

1. Creating Money: Attracting Abundance by Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer

I had to list this book first because it’s one that I read over and over and over again. At least two or three times every year, this book makes its way to my desk or bedside table and I read a chapter every single day until I’m finished it.

What it’s about: Money mindset and mindset, BUT in a very super spiritual sense (not necessarily a “get rich by doing XYZ” kinda way). This book will teach you how to attract money in a way that aligns with your higher purpose, your soul’s mission, and the higher qualities you want to fill your life with. It also talks about discovering your life’s work and how to magnetize objects, money, and relationships.

Who it’s for: This book will be perfect for you if you want to become more abundant, discover and carry out your higher purpose, and become wealthy in all areas of your life. I honestly can’t recommend it enough! Everyone I’ve shared this book with who has gone on to read it fell just as in love as I did.

2. You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

This is one of the most recent books I’ve read and it’s a much more “rah, rah, go get ‘em tiger” kinda book than Creating Money is. But I love it for that. Jen’s voice is so fun and authentic that this book reads like a conversation with your best girl friend, while at the same time, getting you so motivated that you’ll literally have a hard time NOT manifesting money after reading it.

When I mentioned on my Instagram Stories that I was reading this book, one of my friends sent me a message saying, “This is one of my faves! It’s a great intro to abundance and mindset for skeptics like me” — and I couldn’t agree more. Jen will have you working on your mindset and energy without getting TOO woo-woo on you, so it’s perfect for anyone who’s a little bit skeptical.

What it’s about: Money! Specifically, Jen gives you kick-butt advice and simple action steps to help you raise your energy and start manifesting money pronto.

Who it’s for: This book is for people who feel stuck or like they’re destined to be broke forever. If you know you need a good kick in the rear to start putting in the work to become rich, pick up this book!

Ready to dive deeper into your money mindset? Check out my post on 5 quick and easy daily rituals to boost your abundance!

3. Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self by Sanaya Roman

This book is definitely a bit more “woo”, but if you’re into that kind thing, you’ll love it. If you’re ready to embrace your spirituality even further and work on growing as a soul, this book is for you. It’s written by my favorite author, Sanaya Roman, which only makes it all the more amazing (I swear, I could read anything that woman writes).

What it’s about: Essentially, this book is about how to become your higher self and how to grow spiritually in a very deep way. Sanaya’s spiritual guide, Orin, shares exercises and meditations at the end of each chapter that will have you feeling super high-vibe when you’re finished.

Who it’s for: If you’re open to it, I think anyone would love this book. It’s another one that I read over and over again and learn new things every time I do. The key is to make sure that you actually DO the exercises at the end of each chapter, instead of just breezing past them.

I also don’t suggest reading this book in one sitting. Instead, I like to read one chapter per day, do the exercises at the end of the chapter, and then set the book aside until the following morning.

4. The Law of Attraction by Abraham Hicks

What would a roundup of personal development books be without a little Abraham Hicks, amiright? 😉

This was the first Abraham Hicks book I read, and it’s the one I suggest starting with if you’re new to manifesting and the Law of Attraction. It’s truly a fantastic introduction to the concept.

What it’s about: As you’ve probably guessed, this book is about the Law of Attraction. It explains what the LOA is, how you can work alongside it to consciously create your life, and then answers a lot of questions you might have about the Law of Attraction and how it works. It also includes sections about what Hicks has dubbed the “Science of Deliberate Creation” and the “Art of Allowing”.

Who it’s for: This book is for anyone who’s ready to dip their toes into manifestation and who wants to understand why there’s so much hype around the Law of Attraction (and Abraham Hicks!).

5. Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

I’m pretty sure this book is the #1 best-selling money mindset book of all time, so that’s saying something! It’s been around for decades (nearly a century, I believe) and continues to sell like hotcakes.

What it’s about: Hill studied a large pool of wealthy people to uncover and understand all the secrets that go into becoming rich. He then came up with a 13-step path to accumulating riches, which he breaks down in detail inside this book. It’s filled with actionable advice and real-life examples, which makes this book super engaging and fun to read.

Who it’s for: Anyone who wants to make more money and up-level their money mindset.

6. Ask & It Is Given by Abraham Hicks

This book is the perfect next step after reading Hicks’ The Law of Attraction. The first half of this book is essentially a deeper dive into the Law of Attraction, and in my opinion, the second half is where the real magic happens.

In Part 2, Hicks shares 22 exercises that will help you raise your energetic vibration, climb up the emotional ladder, and become a better match for all the things you want to manifest.

What it’s about: The Law of Attraction, plus easy exercises that help you work alongside the LOA to attract anything you desire.

Who it’s for: People who feel “stuck” in their negative thought patterns, emotions, health, and/or habits. The action steps and exercises in this book will work to reverse those negative patterns so you can consciously manifest a better, more joyful and abundant reality.

7. Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration by Penney Peirce

This book and I have an interesting backstory. I picked it up at the beginning of my cross-Canada road trip in June 2017 and began reading it in July. But I got hung up. At the time, I found the material to be really dense and I had a super hard time getting into the book. I ended up putting it down after three chapters and moving on to something else.

I didn’t return to this book until nearly nine months later (this past spring), and this time, I devoured it in a few weeks. I LOVED it.

Looking back, I think I just wasn’t ready to absorb all of the knowledge and information packed inside this book last year. I still had more learning and growing to do before I would be ready for it.

But by the spring of 2018, I was in the perfect place to read this book and grasp all of the wisdom inside. This book is all about energetic frequency, vibration, and how we can work with energy (our own and the energy around us) to grow, heal, and improve our lives. I feel like I only just scratched the surface with this book, so it’s one I’ll definitely be re-reading again.

What it’s about: Understanding, feeling, and raising your personal vibration. Essentially, this book teaches you how to work with energy to transform your life.

Who it’s for: People who want to understand themselves, their past, their current life, the concept of “energy”, and the universe at a deeper level. I would suggest this book for people who have been on their “spiritual journey” for a while now. Because like I said, I found it to be a bit too advanced for me the first time I picked it up.

8. Adventures For Your Soul by Shannon Kaiser

This was the first “personal development” book I ever read, so it’ll always hold a special place in my heart. Looking back, I can see that this book was the perfect way for me to dip my toes in and embark on my lifelong journey of spiritual growth and learning.

What it’s about: This book is about healing, stepping into your power, boosting your self-love and self-worth, and acknowledging that you have a higher purpose to fulfill on planet earth.

Kaiser shares her own story, struggles, and journey towards healing and becoming the woman she is today, and then walks you through exercises to help you heal yourself and step into your own power. It’s a very empowering and transformational book.

Who it’s for: Anyone who feels stuck, stagnant, unsupported, or unloved, and who’s unsure of what they’re supposed to do with their life or where to go next.

Have you read any of these books? Which ones will you be picking up next? And what are your favorite spiritual, personal development, or mindset books? Share them with me below!



My Top 8 Spirituality & Mindset Books for Entrepreneurs. Love a bit of woo in your life? Ready to grow your business with energy and alignment over force and hustle? Then you'll want to pick up these books ASAP! | Krista Dickson | Spirituality | Books | Reading | Mindset | Money | Manifestation | #litpicks

- Krista

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  1. Emily

    June 25th, 2018 at 3:05 pm

    I loved You Are a Badass at Making Money, and I think it’s also fabulous for people who are still on the fence about this whole money-mindset, manifestation thing. Parts of it were so funny that I read them out loud to my husband, and he was like, “Hmm… maybe I should read this book.” Also, cheers to books as your first love. Same goes for me, much to my husband’s regret.

  2. Krista

    June 25th, 2018 at 4:33 pm

    Hahaha YES, books will always come first (sorry, men!) I’m honestly thinking about re-reading You are a Badass at Making Money because I enjoyed it *that* much. I’m also trying to convince Scott to read it… so we’ll see how that goes!

    Thanks for reading, girl! xx