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What if there was one simple thing you could do each and every day that would not only make you feel more joyful, abundant, and in love with your life, but that would also speed up the manifesting of everything you desire? Wouldn’t you want to learn what that one step was so that you […]


How to Cultivate a Gratitude Practice to Speed Up Your Manifesting

Growing up, I was always a sensitive child. I would take on the emotions of other people around me, and I was always able to “read” the energy of a room as soon as I walked in. I would cringe and cover my eyes during the violent parts of a TV show or movie because it was […]


For the Empath: How to Stop Taking on Other People’s Emotions as Your Own

Ahhh, books. I feel like I’m always talking about them over on my Instagram but just in case you missed the memo, I’m a hardcore #bibliophile. Growing up, there was rarely a day when I didn’t retreat to my room after school and while away the hours with my nose buried in a much-loved paperback. […]


8 Spirituality & Mindset Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read