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Let me run you through a scenario that happens to me pretty frequently, and you can tell me if you’ve experienced the same thing. Whenever I meet someone for the first time — a friend of a friend, a new dentist, the girl doing my nails at the salon — they inevitably ask me that […]


3 Reasons Being an Entrepreneur F*cking Rocks

Do you ever feel like no matter how many things you get ticked off your to-do list each month, you’re still stuck on the hamster wheel of overwhelm and too-much-to-do-itis? When you accomplish something in your business, do you take the time to celebrate it or do you just move on to the next big […]


How to Have a Monthly CEO Day for Your Business

Grab a cup of tea, sit back, and cringe along as tell you the story of my first ever “nightmare client”… It was the summer of 2016 and I was a brand new social media manager. I connected with this particular client through a Facebook group and after emailing back and forth a few times, […]


3 Things Stopping You From Booking Your Dream Clients

Finance is a funny word. People hear “finance” and “budgeting” and “bookkeeping” and what they really hear is struggle, numbers, headaches, and restrictions. Instead, we should be thinking of empowerment, freedom, control, and opportunity! Wouldn’t that be something? If we could conquer our greatest barriers when it comes to money, we’d unlock the amazing power […]


6 Powerful Habits to Transform Your Business Finances

Two years ago I had my first ever coaching call with a client, and you’ll never guess what I charged her for our session… $30. (Yes, $30. For the call itself and all of my prep work beforehand. I shudder even just thinking about it!). This past Spring, two years later, I decided to offer […]


Pricing Your Services: 5 Reasons to Charge Premium Prices

Being an entrepreneur is a bit like personal development on steroids. You have to learn, adapt, and grow quickly if you want to succeed—and have your mental health intact at the end of it all. As of June 29th, I’ve been living on planet earth for exactly 27 years, and 2.5 of those years were […]


27 Life & Business Lessons I’ve Learned in 27 Years