makeover your money mindset with 100 free affirmations


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makeover your money mindset with 100 free affirmations


Hey girl, I’m Krista!

I'm a soul-based business coach that helps ambitious babes like you build abundant businesses that feel good AF.

Through heart-drenched resources and soulful strategy, I’m here to show you that there’s an easier way to build your dream business. 

Goodbye gruelling 60-hour work weeks.

Farewell soul-crushing anxiety.

Sayonara all of those ‘sry, can’t make it, have to work l8’ texts.

And hello to everything your beautiful heart is



Go on, girl. Help yourself.

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The 'Manifest Anything' Workbook

Use my signature process to manifest anything you want in life and biz (more clients, a swoon-worthy sales page, or even just an extra hour a day to spend with your hubs!).

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The #ClientMagnet Visualization

Follow this guided visualization and anchoring exercise to elevate your energy and attract a steady stream of your dreamiest clients — starting today!


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"Krista is the only mentor & guide that can really explain manifesting to me in a way that clicks, and also provide examples and exercises that are perfectly aligned with my goals and learning style.  I’ve been feeling kind of stuck with my manifesting game lately, but I know it’s going to improve now that I have her to look to for advice. Krista is more than just a wealth of knowledge—she is truly an amazing person and friend!"



"In a very short amount of time, Krista has helped me manifest so many amazing opportunities into my life. Everything from her book recommendations to her business strategies to the insights that she naturally shares in conversation have changed the way I look at my life as a creative entrepreneur. I once made two passive online sales AND booked a client while grabbing coffee with her – talk about a manifesting lucky charm! Krista is your go-to gal for all things manifestation and mindset."



"The impact this incredible woman has had on my business (and my life) is indescribable. My income has increased, my mindset has improved dramatically, and I’m no longer “lost” in my business, spending 100 hours a week trying out ultimately hopeless strategies promising to somehow skyrocket my business. I now have a clear plan of where I want my business to be, how I want it to run, and how I’m going to get there. She even helped me to gain the knowledge, skills, & confidence to quit my day job and go full-time entrepreneur!



"I read Krista's post about the Chalkboard method and decided to give it a shot for manifesting clients. It was AMAZING! I wanted to manifest 5 new clients and make a certain amount of money in freelance writing in Quarter 2, and I've already met both of those goals one month in advance. I was skeptical about manifestation at first and didn't really understand how it worked, but Krista makes it so crystal clear and her success stories are super inspiring."